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Schematics & blueprints for unique development

About site

This website is about artificial intelligence theory, applications, methods and philosophies

It has a blog section about new research and various topics, and also showcases web designing abilities of mine

Use of the word "inimitable" refers to code that is too unique/lifelike to be copied, as it has a growth track that can't be expressed predictably with simply the starting code

AI can be about synthetic reason and ideas, providing unique perspectives

Also, part of the meaning alludes to derivative algorithm plasticity and reason code that cannot be duplicated, as the AI will eventually navigate it's development to something new/unique

Developments that without AI wouldn't have been achieved is a less extravagant interpretation, or even just comparing two different AIs

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About me

I am interested in general software technologies, but more specifically any aspects that are associated with AI.

I am a freelance web developer/coder, interested in any web development projects.

I am actively adding technology mediums to my list of skills, such as various libraries & frameworks. I have the most hands-on experience with raw JavaScript/CSS/HTML.